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All-Out Attack

  1. P1: Bumblebee - Electrum Warrior
    P2: Omega Supreme - Autobot Defense Base
    P3: Private Smashdown
    P4: Flamewar - Veteran Decepticon (Gold Foil Variant)
    P5: Bumblebee - Trusted Lieutenant (Gold Foil Variant)
    P6: Private Red Alert - Medic (Gold Foil Variant)
    P7: Nightbird - Enigmatic Agent
    P8: Raider Runamuck - Infantry Soldier (Gold Foil Variant)
    P9: Raider Runabout - Infantry Soldier (Gold Foil Variant)
    P10: Raider Road Hugger - Infantry Tactics (Gold Foil Variant)
    P11: All-Out Attack (Energon Edition Foil Variant)
    P12: Tandem Targeting System (Energon Edition Foil Variant)
  2. Regarding All-Out Attack.
    Scenario: Bumblebee-TL tapped in bot mode, Prowl-MS and Cliffjumper-RW untapped in car mode.
    I play All-Out Attack. Cliffjumper attacks and uses
    Anticipation Engine to trigger a Start Your Engines. Bee flips to car mode, Prowl is irrelevant, Cliffjumper untaps. Using Bee's extra action via flip to alt mode, I play Ready for Action to untap Bee. Cliffjumper finishes his attack. All 3 cars are now untapped. Am I free to attack again with Cliffjumper?
    Am I free to attack with Bee?
    Am I free to end my attacks when I choose because of AoA? [Source: WotC]
    All-Out Attack says “Each of your untapped Transformers (Editor’s Note: Characters) can attack this turn.” At the time you play All-Out Attack, check which of your characters are untapped. Those characters are allowed to attack this turn, in sequence. They are not, however, required to attack. They can’t attack a second time unless your opponent is tapped out. As usual, you still must attack with at least one character during your turn if you are able.
  3. My opponent has attacked me, and I reveal the Secret Action Bolster. I use Bolster to attach a Multi-Mission Gear to a Specialist. I then use the Action granted by Multi-Mission Gear to play All-Out Attack. World implodes, right? [Source: WotC]
    Your characters can never attack on your opponent’s turn, even if a card seems to say otherwise. Same rules apply even in the event of a galactic implosion and resulting gravitational chaos.
  4. We usually only settle regional disputes and larger, but we’ll make an exception here. The only thing All-Out Attack does is allow each of your characters to attack during the turn rather than the usual one character. It doesn’t change any other rule about what characters can or cannot attack or which opposing characters can or cannot be attacked. Your tapped characters still cannot attack, and Brave and Stealth still apply.
  5. I have 2 untapped cars and a Wave 2 Bumblebee tapped in bot mode. I play Ready for Action untapping him. I then flip him, triggering his mode ability and I play All-Out Attack allowing all my character to attack this turn as they are now all untapped prior me playing All-Out Attack (AOA). I put Anticipation Engine on one of my characters. I then attack with Bee first (tapping him), my 2nd character (tapping him), and finally the last character with Anticipation Engine (AE) which then taps him. AE triggers and I get Start Your Engines (SYE). I untap that last character with AE. Seeing how AOA was played during a time where all my characters were untapped, does that last character get to attack again since it was untapped with SYE post AOA being played? [Source: WotC]
    If the opponent has no untapped characters, you will attack again with the last character. If the opponent has at least one untapped character, you cannot attack again with the last character. All Out Attack allows one attack with each of your untapped characters at the time you play it.
  6. If Cornered! were played on an Autobot Mirage, allowing a player to play an action during their opponent's turn, and they played an All-Out Attack; could they attack with all of their characters during their opponent's turn? [Source: WotC]
    No. A player cannot attack during an opponent’s turn.
  7. This errata was issued by the Aequitas rulings committee.