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Omega Supreme - Autobot Defense Base

  1. P1: Bumblebee - Electrum Warrior
    P2: Omega Supreme - Autobot Defense Base
    P3: Private Smashdown
    P4: Flamewar - Veteran Decepticon (Gold Foil Variant)
    P5: Bumblebee - Trusted Lieutenant (Gold Foil Variant)
    P6: Private Red Alert - Medic (Gold Foil Variant)
    P7: Nightbird - Enigmatic Agent
    P8: Raider Runamuck - Infantry Soldier (Gold Foil Variant)
    P9: Raider Runabout - Infantry Soldier (Gold Foil Variant)
    P10: Raider Road Hugger - Infantry Tactics (Gold Foil Variant)
    P11: All-Out Attack (Energon Edition Foil Variant)
    P12: Tandem Targeting System (Energon Edition Foil Variant)
  2. Yes, you can choose to allocate the attack damage that way in this scenario.
  3. So Ultra Magnus Armor on Omega Supreme: does the armor reduce the damage that Omega takes from his soak 2 ability in bot mode? [Source: WotC]
    Ultra Magnus Armor would not reduce the damage Omega Supreme would take because the damage is still Attack damage.
  4. If two effects would apply to the same attack damage, the player receiving the damage chooses one to apply. Then, if the other still applies, apply that effect. If no other effects apply to the attack damage, the attack damage is finished.
    For example, if you have a character with a Force Field and Omega Supreme, and that character would take 6 attack damage, you could choose either of the following:
    1. Apply Force Field first, scrapping it and reducing the attack damage to 4, then use Omega Supreme’s ability to change the attack damage to: 2 to the other character and 2 to Omega Supreme.
    2. Apply Omega Supreme’s ability first, changing the attack damage to 4 to the other character and 2 to Omega Supreme. Force Field no longer applies and will stay on the other character.