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Nightbird - Enigmatic Agent

  1. P1: Bumblebee - Electrum Warrior
    P2: Omega Supreme - Autobot Defense Base
    P3: Private Smashdown
    P4: Flamewar - Veteran Decepticon (Gold Foil Variant)
    P5: Bumblebee - Trusted Lieutenant (Gold Foil Variant)
    P6: Private Red Alert - Medic (Gold Foil Variant)
    P7: Nightbird - Enigmatic Agent
    P8: Raider Runamuck - Infantry Soldier (Gold Foil Variant)
    P9: Raider Runabout - Infantry Soldier (Gold Foil Variant)
    P10: Raider Road Hugger - Infantry Tactics (Gold Foil Variant)
    P11: All-Out Attack (Energon Edition Foil Variant)
    P12: Tandem Targeting System (Energon Edition Foil Variant)
  2. My opponent has Nightbird in Alt mode with 9 damage counters on her. If I play Plasma Burst to deal the remaining two damage to finish her off, will I still have to deal 1 damage to one of my characters? [Source: WotC]
    Yes. Unless the game ends when Nightbird is KO’d.
  3. If Nightbird attacks with a Contract Contingency and it triggers Nightbird’s bounty, can I take another Contract Contingency from my opponent’s scrap pile, play this, then trigger Nightbird’s bounty again?
    Or can you only trigger Contract Contingency once because you are not getting 4 or more attack damage through after applying the plus 2 to the already finished attack? [Source: WotC]
    The second Contract Contingency won’t trigger because it will be played after the attack damage has been done.
  4. I have 4 cards in my hand and my opponent has Decepticon Shockwave in Bot mode. If they play Brainstorm > System Reboot > System Reboot, do I take 4 damage after each System Reboot or 8 damage after Brainstorm is resolved? [Source: WotC]
    Shockwave’s ability will trigger a total of 8 times. Each of those abilities resolves separately, so essentially you have 8 damage counters to spread around as you wish.
  5. Using the previous scenario, my character is Nightbird in alt mode. What is the timing there? Does the Decepticon Shockwave player take 1 damage each time an action hits the play area or after the Brainstorm resolves?
    I.E. My Nightbird is at full HP (11) and his Shockwave is at 3. Who wins? [Source: WotC]
    Here's what happens. Your opponent starts to play Brainstorm, this causes Nightbird’s ability to trigger, but that effect doesn’t resolve immediately. Continuing to resolve Brainstorm, your opponent then plays System Reboot. Another Nightbird trigger happens, which, again, doesn’t resolve immediately. The System Reboot resolves, causing Shockwave to trigger four times. Continuing to resolve Brain Storm, your opponent then plays the second System Reboot. This causes another Nightbird trigger. The second System Reboot causes another four Shockwave triggers. Now that Brainstorm has resolved, we start resolving triggers, beginning with the ones that triggered most recently and working backwards. The four Shockwave triggers caused by the second System Reboot happen one at a time. Next, the Nightbird trigger caused by the second System Reboot happens. Next, the Shockwave triggers caused by the first System Reboot happens. Next, the Nightbird trigger caused by the first System Reboot happens. And finally, the Nightbird trigger caused by the Brain Storm happens. At any point, if resolving one of these triggers causes a player to KO their last character, that player loses the game. If Shockwave was at 3 and Nightbird was at 8 at the beginning of this sequence, Nightbird is going to lose.
  6. No. Any action you play from your opponent’s scrap pile goes into your played area, and eventually back to their scrap pile. (Cards always go to their owner’s hand, deck, KO area, and scrap pile).
  7. You can play the Steamroll, however you cannot use it for Nightbird's attack as by the time Steamroll is played, Nightbird's damage was already applied and the defender was already KO'd. If you happen to attack again on that same turn, Steamroll could be usefully applied to an attacker.