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Anticipation Engine

  1. Since it sounds like (understandably) that a comprehensive rules document might take a while, perhaps you could answer a more specific timing question then. Taken to a corner case, how would a player properly process an attack in the following scenario. Your team: Specialist Flamewar in bot mode equipped with an Anticipation Engine in her weapon slot, a Metal Detector in her Utility slot. She has Focus 2 from her bot mode ability. Her teammate, Raider Aimless has a Decepticon Crown equipped in his Utility slot giving out Plan 1 when a Decepticon attacks. Her other teammate General Optimus Prime is in Alt Mode giving Bold 1 and Tough 1 to his teammates. What would be the proper sequence of triggers when Specialist Flamewar initiates an attack? Which goes first Plan, Focus, the Equipment Triggers? Which Equipment Triggers first? Can both trigger on the same combat if you have an equipment and an action (or vice versa) as your top 2 cards? [Source: WotC]
    When Specialist Flamewar attacks, the abilities of Anticipation Engine, Metal Detector, and Decepticon Crown will all trigger. As the attacking player, you will resolve all of those abilities in the order of your choosing, one at a time. Then you will use your Focus ability. Then, you will flip battle cards, including an extra from General Optimus’ Bold 1.
  2. Regarding All-Out Attack.
    Scenario: Bumblebee-TL tapped in bot mode, Prowl-MS and Cliffjumper-RW untapped in car mode.
    I play All-Out Attack. Cliffjumper attacks and uses Anticipation Engine to trigger a Start Your Engines. Bee flips to car mode, Prowl is irrelevant, Cliffjumper untaps. Using Bee's extra action via flip to alt mode, I play Ready for Action to untap Bee. Cliffjumper finishes his attack. All 3 cars are now untapped. Am I free to attack again with Cliffjumper?
    Am I free to attack with Bee?
    Am I free to end my attacks when I choose because of AoA? [Source: WotC]
    All-Out Attack says “Each of your untapped Transformers (Editor’s Note: Characters) can attack this turn.” At the time you play All-Out Attack, check which of your characters are untapped. Those characters are allowed to attack this turn, in sequence. They are not, however, required to attack. They can’t attack a second time unless your opponent is tapped out. As usual, you still must attack with at least one character during your turn if you are able.
  3. When I attack with Cosmos in bot mode and then Anticipation Engine activates and I flip Rapid Conversion and flip him to alt mode. Would his KO effect take place since he’s no longer in bot mode? And I no longer have cards in my deck? [Source: WotC]
    If during Cosmos’ attack, Anticipation Engine reveals Rapid Conversion as the last card in your deck, and you play it, you will immediately shuffle your deck, triggering Cosmos’ ability, then flip Cosmos to Alt Mode.
  4. Yes, your opponent can attack with only one character.
  5. Character X attacks with Anticipation Engine. They flip Supercharge. Is Bold 3 applied and will they flip 3 extra cards? Bold/Tough are locked in once the first battle flip begins? [Source: WotC]
    Anticipation Engine’s ability triggers before you flip battle cards, therefore Supercharge will increase your bold.
  6. Yes.
  7. Yes, your opponent can attack with only one character”
  8. I have a question about the interaction between Anticipation Engine and the Enigmas. Let’s say Silverbolt has an Anticipation Engine equipped and the Aerialbots are all in bot mode. He attacks and flips the Aerialbot Enigma. What happens now? If the Aerialbots combine to form Superion does the attack continue, and if so, what is the base attack used to compute damage? Is it Superion’s attack or Silverbolt’s? [Source: WotC]
    The attack continues, except now Superion (untapped) is attacking the target Silverbolt was previously attacking. Superion’s attack will be used to calculate damage.
  9. That is correct. The card revealed by Anticipation Engine’s ability is not considered a card flipped during battle, so its green battle icon would not work.
  10. Just revealing a card doesn’t cause it to move.
  11. What exactly happens when I attack using...
    Dreadwing with 2 Anticipation Engines and 2 Metal Detectors?
    2. Predaking with 3 Anticipation Engines? [Source: WotC]
    With multiple Anticipation Engines and/or Metal Detectors, you handle the abilities one at a time. If you have an Anticipation Engine and a Metal Detector, you must specify which one you are using before revealing the card. If the card you reveal doesn’t match the type of card you’re looking for, it just stays on top of your deck. The next ability will reveal the same card, so choose wisely.
  12. How does Pincer Movement work? If I have three untapped Decepticons and play Pincer Movement, do I get to attack the same enemy with each of my Decepticons in sequence, or do I only get one extra attack total. If I can get multiple attacks this way, and I untap one of the previously attacking Decepticons (such as via Anticipation Engine revealing Ready for Action), can that Decepticon attack again? [Source: WotC]
    Pincer Movement gives you only one additional attack. After you play it, the next time one of your Decepticons attacks an enemy this turn, you’ll get the extra attack after the current attack.
  13. When you use Sabotaged Armaments, and your opponent has a Power Punch on the attacker, do they get the Bold before Sabotaged Armaments activates? [Source: WotC]
    No. This all happens before Battle Cards are flipped.
    Speaking of which, what happens when a character upgraded with Anticipation Engine swings into a Sabotaged Armaments?
    Anticipation Engine and Sabotaged Armaments will both trigger at the same time. The attacker will resolve Anticipation Engine first, then the defender will resolve Sabotaged Armaments.
  14. The opponent had an Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend with an Anticipation Engine and attacked my Ramhorn. I had a Force Field in hand and was ready to play my white armor, when he flipped a Security Checkpoint with Anticipation Engine. Do I still get to play the Force Field in this situation or does the Checkpoint get rid of the Force Field before I play it? [Source: WotC]
    Because attack triggers will resolve before defense triggers, in this scenario Security Checkpoint will get rid of your Force Field before you can play it.
  15. I have 2 untapped cars and a Wave 2 Bumblebee tapped in bot mode. I play Ready for Action untapping him. I then flip him, triggering his mode ability and I play All-Out Attack allowing all my character to attack this turn as they are now all untapped prior me playing All-Out Attack (AOA). I put Anticipation Engine on one of my characters. I then attack with Bee first (tapping him), my 2nd character (tapping him), and finally the last character with Anticipation Engine (AE) which then taps him. AE triggers and I get Start Your Engines (SYE). I untap that last character with AE. Seeing how AOA was played during a time where all my characters were untapped, does that last character get to attack again since it was untapped with SYE post AOA being played? [Source: WotC]
    If the opponent has no untapped characters, you will attack again with the last character. If the opponent has at least one untapped character, you cannot attack again with the last character. All Out Attack allows one attack with each of your untapped characters at the time you play it.
  16. If a Mini-Cassette attacks with an Anticipation Engine attached, reveals Recover Cassette, and Recover Cassette is played to put that Mini-Cassette under Soundwave or Blaster, does the attack end and no cards are flipped for attacking and defending? [Source: WotC]
    The attack ends and no Battle Cards are flipped.
  17. In a situation where someone is using Thrust and an Anticipation Engine attached to a different bot, could that person use Thrust's ability multiple times if they flip a Ready for Action using the Anticipation Engine? [Source: WotC]
    Thrust’s ability only triggers once–when one of your other characters attacks. To use Thrust’s ability more than once, you need to untap Thrust and attack a second time with one of your other characters.
  18. Yes, they can choose to scrap one of the flipped Swarm! cards because it is happening within the battle while Junkheap is defending.