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Multi-Mission Gear

  1. The Battle Cards Swap Parts and Press the Advantage are banned from use in Constructed play.
    The Battle Card Multi-Mission Gear has also been announced as banned.
  2. My opponent has attacked me, and I reveal the Secret Action Bolster. I use Bolster to attach a Multi-Mission Gear to a Specialist. I then use the Action granted by Multi-Mission Gear to play All-Out Attack. World implodes, right? [Source: WotC]
    Your characters can never attack on your opponent’s turn, even if a card seems to say otherwise. Same rules apply even in the event of a galactic implosion and resulting gravitational chaos.
  3. If I play Multi-Mission Gear on Private Camshaft first thing on my first turn, then use that to play Treasure Hunt, would the weapons & armor I draw be valid to put on my Omnibots in that "At the start of your first turn > You may play a..." window? [Source: WotC]
    Yes, after you’re done with Private Camshaft’s ability (including the Treasure Hunt it let you play) you would then handle other Omnibot abilities that trigger “at the start of your first turn.”
  4. I play Full Loadout on Wave 1 Wheeljack in Alt Mode. I play Multi-Tool, Multi-Mission Gear, and Field Communicator onto him. How are the triggers handled? Do I resolve each Upgrade and Wheeljack trigger mid-Loadout, or do I wait until I play all three upgrades then resolve the six triggers? [Source: WotC]
    Full Loadout will put all three upgrades onto Wheeljack. You then handle all of the triggers in an order of your choosing.
  5. I have a tapped Flamewar - Veteran Decepticon with 3 life remaining with 2 other untapped characters and a facedown Bolster. My opponent has 3 untapped characters and taps their attacker, declaring Flamewar as my defender. Because the conditions are met, I reveal Bolster and play Multi-Mission Gear onto my Flamewar. That triggers Multi-Mission Gear and allows me to play an action, which I choose to play One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall targeting my Flamewar and one of my opponent's characters. This kills my Flamewar but the attacker still lives. What happens in this scenario? Does my opponent lose their attack because the defender was killed prior to battle cards being flipped? Or does my opponent get to choose another attack target? [Source: WotC]
    Your opponent has already chosen who they are attacking, so the attack would end because there is no longer a defender.
  6. Based on the fact that Special Ops Mission exists in conjunction with Brainstorm, does that mean you cannot play a Secret Action using a battle card effect (like those on Multi-Mission Gear or Brainstorm) unless it specifically says so? [Source: WotC]
    Things that effect actions also effect secret actions, which are a subset of actions.
  7. The character they were attacking is part of your newly formed Combiner, so they are now attacking your Combiner.
  8. I play a Bolster, and attack with my specialist. Turn ends. Opponent attacks my defender who is a specialist. I play bolster then I play Multi-Mission Gear, then for the action you play Peace Through Tyranny, KO’ing the specialist defender, effectively ending the attack with no flips.
    Do you get an extra turn, then a normal turn? [Source: WotC]
    You take your extra turn, then your normal turn. You can’t take any additional turns.
  9. When defending I reveal the secret action Bolster. I then proceed to play Multi-Mission Gear to play Brainstorm, in turn playing Battlefield Report and Defensive Formation. As these 2 have the same trigger condition as Bolster, am I able to reveal them now that Bolster has finished resolving? [Source: WotC]
    In this scenario, it is too late to reveal them.
  10. For your consideration, Cog. During your opponent's turn, they swing at and KO him. He attaches to one of your characters, leaving you with two. You draw your cards and find that you can attach a Multi-Mission Gear on a Specialist character, which of course you do thanks to his effect. With that Multi-Mission Gear, you decide to be rather aggressive and play a Peace Through Tyranny, KO’ing one of your characters to, and I quote, "take an extra turn after this one".
    Now, in the context that it's currently your opponent's turn, and that you're taking an extra turn after "this one", would that mean that your "extra turn" would actually just be your next regular turn since the "next turn" is just your regular turn or am I mistaken? [Source: WotC]
    If you find a way to play Peace Through Tyranny on your opponent’s turn, you will take the next turn (the “extra turn”), then you’ll take your normal turn, then your opponent will take their turn, and so on.
  11. I have Major Shockwave in bot mode. The top card of my deck is the deception card, Swindled. If I play Multi-Mission gear onto a specialist, since the Swindled on top of my deck is able to be played as though it was in my hand, can I play it from the activation of Multi-Mission Gear? [Source: WotC]
    You may!
  12. I play Brainstorm, then Ancient Wisdom and System Reboot. My new hand is Multi-Mission Gear, Brainstorm, and 2 Unleashed Potential. Can I play Mutli-Mission Gear, then Brainstorm, and then both Unleashed Potentials? [Source: WotC]
    Let’s walk through this whole play. You play Brainstorm and your first action is Ancient Wisdom. Ancient Wisdom has you scrap the top two cards of your deck and put an Action and/or Upgrade from among the scrapped cards into your hand. At this point, you can play Unleash Potential, if it’s in your hand.
    Let’s say you do. You get a card with 1 star from outside the game and put it into your hand. This may not be a great idea, because you then play the second action from Brainstorm, which is System Reboot. You scrap your hand (including that fancy star card you just snagged) and draw 4 cards.
    But instead, let’s say you don’t play Unleash Potential. That brings you to the end of Ancient Wisdom and now you System Reboot just as above.
    In either case, your new hand is Multi-Mission Gear, Brainstorm, and 2 Unleash Potentials. You’ve already played an Action this turn, so we’re guessing you’ll now play Multi-Mission Gear. This allows you to play an Action such as Brainstorm. Brainstorm will allow you to play 2 Unleash Potentials. You played Ancient Wisdom earlier in your turn, so you can get two 1-star cards from outside the game.
  13. If you swap upgrades with Red Heat, you can have a lot of triggers, including another Cog trigger. You choose to resolve each of these triggers one at a time. If you choose Multi-Mission Gear’s trigger to play Brainstorm, you now must finish Brainstorm’s effect before continuing with your remaining triggers caused by Red Heat’s swap.