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Recover Cassette

  1. It stays under Major Soundwave.
  2. Blaster vs. Soundwave. Ravage is in the KO area. Step #1, I play brainstorm. Step #2, I play I Still Function, which brings him back with 1 health. Step #3, I play Recover Cassette, which puts him under Soundwave to heal 2 damage. Now for the question: does I Still Function resolve and Ravage goes back into the KO area? Or does Ravage bypass that effect, thus he is not KO’d? [Source: WotC]
    Ravage is not KO’d. I Still Function does not find him on the battlefield.
  3. All of the damage is removed, and the cassette is essentially healed to full. All upgrades attached to the cassette when it's moved under its deployer are scrapped.
  4. You choose where the Mini-Cassette goes.
  5. In a turn where I play Brainstorm, allowing for 2 more actions. I play I Still Function!, bringing Buzzsaw (Spy) from the KO Area, then I play Recover Cassette, putting Buzzsaw underneath Soundwave. Will that cancel out I Still Function!? [Source: WotC]
    Yes, it will. Once Buzzsaw goes underneath Soundwave, all existing and/or pending game effects stop applying to him.
  6. If a Mini-Cassette attacks with an Anticipation Engine attached, reveals Recover Cassette, and Recover Cassette is played to put that Mini-Cassette under Soundwave or Blaster, does the attack end and no cards are flipped for attacking and defending? [Source: WotC]
    The attack ends and no Battle Cards are flipped.