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Blaster - Communications

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can put Decepticon Cassettes underneath Blaster and vice-versa with Soundwave since they are "Mini-Cassettes". Does this count as starting the game with Decepticon characters or Autobot characters or are they effectively "out of the game"? [Source: WotC]
    Yes, any Mini-Cassette can be put under Blaster or Soundwave regardless of faction. Any Mini-Cassettes you start the game with count toward your starting team. For example, if your starting team has Decepticon characters (including Soundwave) and Autobot Mini-Cassettes, any effect that cares about your starting team being all Decepticons, would not work.
  2. Similarly, if Blaster or Soundwave are KO'd whilst still having Mini-Cassettes beneath them, are the Mini-Cassettes KO'd as well? [Source: WotC]
    They remain beneath their deployer wherever it physically goes. For example, if Soundwave was KO’d with Buzzsaw still under him, you would have Soundwave in KO, fully damaged with Buzzsaw underneath him with no damage. You could not I Still Function Buzzsaw, but if you ISF’d Soundwave, Buzzsaw would remain underneath him when Soundwave returned to the battlefield. At the end of the turn, when Soundwave is KO’d again, Buzzsaw would return to KO with him unless you had deployed Buzzsaw during that turn, in which case, Buzzsaw would remain on the battlefield.
  3. Blaster and Soundwave have the ability to add the cassettes from your starting line up under three when the game starts. This is different to Metroplex text because the card under him start under him and aren’t in your lineup. So, if you play either blaster or sound wave with all three cassettes it would make your starting lineup 25 stars. Since both have the text your star cost is then raised by one when does that mean you can only play Blaster/Soundwave with two cassettes? Seeing as 10 + (5+1) + (5+1) would equal 22, there for having the exact number of star cards for each theme deck bringing it to its cap of 25 stars. Would this be correct, or am I reading the card wrong? [Source: WotC]
    Each mini-cassette you play with a deployer adds 1 star to your star limit above 25, up to 28. You are allowed to add 1-3 stars depending on how many Mini-Cassettes you play with a deployer.
  4. Blaster vs. Soundwave. Ravage is in the KO area. Step #1, I play brainstorm. Step #2, I play I Still Function, which brings him back with 1 health. Step #3, I play Recover Cassette, which puts him under Soundwave to heal 2 damage. Now for the question: does I Still Function resolve and Ravage goes back into the KO area? Or does Ravage bypass that effect, thus he is not KO’d? [Source: WotC]
    Ravage is not KO’d. I Still Function does not find him on the battlefield.
  5. Yes, you must play the top card of your deck if you are able.
  6. All of the damage is removed, and the cassette is essentially healed to full. All upgrades attached to the cassette when it's moved under its deployer are scrapped.
  7. What is my build total for stars if I play both Soundwave - Communications, Blaster - Communications, and one Mini-Cassette. Do both "Your Starting Star Limit" abilities trigger? [Source: WotC]
    27 Stars. Both abilities would apply.