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Thundercracker - Mach Warrior

  1. In that case, nothing happens.
  2. Had an interesting situation occur last night. Had Thundercracker on defense with 4 health remaining equipped with a Crash Landing. Autobot Hound was attacking who only had 2 health remaining. Hound had enough attack power after flipping to take out Thundercracker. Both were the last bots on each side, would Crash Landing still go off, creating a Draw? [Source: WotC]
    Hound will KO Thundercracker and win the game before Thundercracker can Crash Land and KO Hound.
  3. That’s a big 10-4.
  4. The Infiltrate will scrap the action you played and negate its effect, but Thundercracker’s ability still triggers because you played an action.
    This is also true for other cards that cancel an Action, such as Jam Signals, Overrule, and Speed Trap, and for any other effects (like Thundercracker) related to playing a card.
  5. How does Brainstorm work, exactly? Do I play the two actions from my hand immediately, then resolve them, or do I resolve the first action before playing and resolving the second action? What if a character's trigger happens between actions, such as Wave 1 Thundercracker? Are triggers resolved before or after the action that triggers them? [Source: WotC]
    You play one action from your hand, then you play the second, then resolve the triggers caused by those actions.