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Demolisher - Devoted Decepticon

  1. Yes. Consider Demolisher’s current defense, including all bonuses from other cards, when
    determining how many more battle cards you flip.
  2. My question is in regard to Wave 1 Kickback and Demolisher. If the ability states to flip two extra battlecards for each other Insecticon you started the game with, or flip extra battle cards equal to your defense, and you don’t flip a white on your initial two flips, does a white battle icon flipped during those extra flips cause you to flip two extra cards? [Source: WotC]
    It doesn’t matter when the white icon is flipped. The first time it’s flipped, it will use its ability.
  3. Regarding character triggers, the following scenario is Demolisher/Darkmount/Common Megatron all in bot mode. I play Brainstorm > Hunker Down > Rapid Conversion. Hunker Down flips all 3 to alt mode, then I play armors from the scrap pile if able. Once Hunker Down is complete, I play Rapid Conversion targeting Megatron to flip him into bot mode. Brainstorm is now resolved. Moving on to character triggers, would Demolisher’s ability now draw 1 or 2 cards? Would I be allowed to use Megatron’s flip ability? [Source: WotC]
    In this scenario, Demolisher’s ability would draw 1 card and you would be able to use Megatron’s flip ability.