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Rapid Conversion

  1. You can flip for the turn, but no cards in the game can effect characters in the K.O. Area unless specifically stated.
  2. No, cards cannot effect cards in the K.O. Area unless specifically stated.
  3. Would Thrust grant +5 to Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend if Rapid Conversion was played when using Prime’s bot mode ability. [Source: WotC]
    No. The amount of bonus granted by Thrust is granted at the time his ability is triggered and not modified afterwards.
  4. Say I attack with Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend with a Rapid Conversion in my hand and flip a Brainstorm for the attack. If I play the Brainstorm and play the Rapid Conversion from hand to target Optimus, am I able to play the action that he retrieves from the graveyard as the second action for Brainstorm? [Source: WotC]
    No. You must fully resolve Brainstorm before the ability from his flip triggers.
  5. Yes and yes!
  6. Regarding character triggers, the following scenario is Demolisher/Darkmount/Common Megatron all in bot mode. I play Brainstorm > Hunker Down > Rapid Conversion. Hunker Down flips all 3 to alt mode, then I play armors from the scrap pile if able. Once Hunker Down is complete, I play Rapid Conversion targeting Megatron to flip him into bot mode. Brainstorm is now resolved. Moving on to character triggers, would Demolisher’s ability now draw 1 or 2 cards? Would I be allowed to use Megatron’s flip ability? [Source: WotC]
    In this scenario, Demolisher’s ability would draw 1 card and you would be able to use Megatron’s flip ability.
  7. Say Silverbolt attacks and his alt-mode ability triggers, allowing him to flip to bot mode thus making his base attack 3. If that is the case, then why would Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend not get +5 attack if he attacks, uses his bot-mode ability and flips Rapid Conversion which in turn flips a tapped Thrust to bot-mode? Both Silverbolt and Thrust have triggered abilities but only Silverbolt benefits from the higher attack value. Why? Thrust’s alt-mode effect mentions “this character” NOT “this mode” or “alt mode”? [Source: WotC]
    Thrust’s ability only triggers at the time of attack and does not check again. Silverbolt is not adding his attack, he is using his attack to determine the damage at the last point after he’s flipped and just before damage is dealt.
  8. When I attack with Cosmos in bot mode and then Anticipation Engine activates and I flip Rapid Conversion and flip him to alt mode. Would his KO effect take place since he’s no longer in bot mode? And I no longer have cards in my deck? [Source: WotC]
    If during Cosmos’ attack, Anticipation Engine reveals Rapid Conversion as the last card in your deck, and you play it, you will immediately shuffle your deck, triggering Cosmos’ ability, then flip Cosmos to Alt Mode.
    How does
    Ramjet’s can’t flip ability work? Can I flip him for my turn? Can I flip him with Rapid Conversion or Showing Off? [Source: Alpha Trion Protocols]
    No, he can not be flipped as part of your ‘designated phases’ per turn NOR battle cards. The only way he can flip at any time is his own start of turn ability.