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Hunker Down

  1. Any character in alt mode, as well as characters who are in bot mode but whose alt mode isn’t a Tank, doesn’t flip. Then each Tank, whether it flipped or not, can get an Armor from your scrap pile.
  2. You choose which Armor goes on which Tank. The same is true if you have more Tanks than you do scrapped Armors.
  3. If I play Hunker Down and flip Darkmount to tank mode can I then choose to activate to Darkmount's ability to discard a card from my hand before equipping an armor? [Source: WotC]
    No, you must finish resolving Hunker Down before any triggered abilities from character flips are resolved.
  4. Yes.
  5. If I play Hunker Down while Megatron - Living Weapon has a weapon in his armor slot, do I have to replace the weapon with an armor from my scrap pile, or can I choose not to? [Source: WotC]
    If you are able to, you must replace the weapon with an armor.
  6. Question about Unconventional Flying Object. Can this be played on a Spaceship that is already in bot mode in order to flip it to alt mode, essentially ignoring the first sentence as "already done" (somewhat similar to Hunker Down)? [Source: WotC]
    No, it cannot.
  7. Can I use Hunker Down to retrieve a Superior Plating from my scrap pile and play it on a bot (bypassing the Tech Research requirement)? [Source: WotC]
    Yes. Hunker Down doesn’t ask you to play the card, so the requirement from Tech Research does not apply.
  8. Does Leap of Faith get around requirement cards (Tech Research, Ancient Wisdom) like Hunker Down does? If I flip a superior equipment, can I play that without the Tech Research? [Source: WotC]
    Leap of Faith gives you the ability to play a card, but that card’s requirements must still be met.
  9. Regarding character triggers, the following scenario is Demolisher/Darkmount/Common Megatron all in bot mode. I play Brainstorm > Hunker Down > Rapid Conversion. Hunker Down flips all 3 to alt mode, then I play armors from the scrap pile if able. Once Hunker Down is complete, I play Rapid Conversion targeting Megatron to flip him into bot mode. Brainstorm is now resolved. Moving on to character triggers, would Demolisher’s ability now draw 1 or 2 cards? Would I be allowed to use Megatron’s flip ability? [Source: WotC]
    In this scenario, Demolisher’s ability would draw 1 card and you would be able to use Megatron’s flip ability.
  10. Let's say I've got an Armor on one of my characters as well as Defensive Configuration, giving me an extra empty Armor slot. I then play Hunker Down which checks to see if I have an Armor or not. Since Configuration will be giving me an empty Armor slot, would I be able to put an Armor on my character through Hunker, or will it not work since I do still have an Armor in the 1st Armor slot? [Source: WotC]
    It will not work since your Tank already has an Armor attached.
  11. You must finish Hunker Down before using any flip abilities, which includes getting armor.
  12. Start Your Engines says "Flip each of your characters from bot mode to Car mode". Does this mean that you can target "Car mode" with Precision Fire? Is Car a mode? [Source: Aequitas]
    No. Car is a trait and not a mode. Despite this card using 'Car mode', you should consider it as a short hand for 'a mode with the Car trait'. The same is true for Hunker Down's use of Tank mode, and Pop a Wheelie's use of Motorcycle mode.
  13. No. A character in Body mode is not also in Bot mode. This means that cards like Escape Route do not flip a Body mode character to Alt mode. For an example of a card that works with both Body mode and Bot mode characters, look at how Mission Briefing explicitly says 'in bot mode or body mode'.
    Note that cards like Start Your Engines and Hunker Down do not flip the characters from Body mode to Alt mode, however if the characters have Car and Tank traits respectively, they still get the secondary effects of those cards.
  14. If you put an Armor on him with Hunker Down, and it doesn’t scrap before you have resolved his flip-to-Alt ability, you will get to do the effect because the “if Armor” clause isn’t until after the arrow.
  15. No. You have to be in his Alt mode at the start of your turn to have the option to use this ability.
  16. If he is in Bot mode, you will flip him to Alt mode then complete the card
  17. This does not actually grant a {G} battle icon to Hunker Down, but it allows you to swap a card from your hand as though it did.