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  1. Players can’t take more than two turns in a row under any circumstances. Any additional turns beyond two consecutive turns are skipped and not deferred or saved for the future.
  2. If a card is tapped, it must be clearly turned approximately 90 degrees.
  3. Hidden information refers to information a player isn’t allowed access to, such as the faces of cards in an opponent’s hand.
    Throughout the match and pregame procedures, players are responsible for keeping their cards above the level of the playing surface and for making reasonable efforts to prevent hidden information from being revealed.
    However, players may choose to reveal their hands or any other hidden information available only to them, unless specifically prohibited by the rules. Players must not actively attempt to gain information hidden from them.
  4. 1.
  5. When you have no deck left, you just don’t flip any cards. Inverted’s effect applies immediately. For example, if an ability triggers whenever you flip two orange icons, and you flip two blue icons under Inverted (meaning the cards literally have blue icons printed on them), that ability will trigger.
  6. Attack Damage is damage dealt by the attacking character as a result of an attack. Any other damage, including damage dealt during an attack because of an ability, is non-attack damage.
  7. Do as much as you can. If you run out of cards in your deck and scrap pile during a battle, stop flipping and resolve that attack.
  8. No. You need to actually shuffle cards in to have a successful shuffle.
  9. Yes.
  10. Attacking is the last thing you do in your turn. So, if you want to play an action, you must do so before your first attack.
  11. You cannot scrap cards from your hand for no reason or simply because you'd like to, but there are a plethora of effects in the game (such as green battle icons) that allow you to swap cards in and out of your hand.
  12. All three attacks happen during the same turn. After your turn is done, then your opponent’s turn begins.
  13. Neither! They last until the end of your turn. Usually, the attack is the last thing to happen during a turn, but this isn’t always true. As abilities can trigger both after the attack and at the end of turn and untapping.
  14. Reshuffle immediately.
  15. You stop flipping and immediately regret holding onto so many cards.
  16. Immediately.
  17. Actions that are played (including Secret Actions), cards you flipped during battle, and other cards you flip due to cards like Swarm!, for example, are all scrapped at the end of turn.
  18. If a card says reveal does it come into play or go back to the top. Example if I have Anticipation Engine and I reveal an upgrade does it stay in the play area until the end of turn, or go to the top of deck? [Source: WotC]
    Just revealing a card doesn’t cause it to move.
  19. For casual games, especially with newer players, we recommend the person randomly chosen goes first. For more serious, competitive games, that player can choose to go first or second.
  20. The player who goes first alternating is meant for casual play. In a multi-game structure or best two-out-of-three scenario, the loser of one game chooses who goes first in the next game.
  21. It is my turn; my opponent is tapped out. I have one untapped Bot, I play Inferno Breath and tap my bot to deal 3 damage. It is now my turn to attack, but I have no bots to attack. I figure we will both untap, but who goes next? Do I attack as I have not attacked for my turn? Is it my opponent’s turn even, though I did not attack? Rules state you must attack each turn. [Source: WotC]
    If you have no untapped characters when it’s time to attack, you simply skip the attack and your turn ends. In the scenario you described, all characters will untap and your opponent’s turn will begin.
  22. All actions (and cards you flip for the battle) go into the played area until the end of the turn, when they are scrapped. (Secret Actions may stay in the played area a little longer).
  23. They go to the scrap pile at the end of your turn.
  24. You need a new upgrade to replace a scrapped upgrade. Your robots like their weapons and don’t cotton to giving them up willingly.
  25. There aren’t official rules for this, but we recommended letting the loser of the first game choosing who goes first in the next game.
  26. You must attack if you are able.
  27. No. It’s your choice whether or not to flip a character.
  28. At the same time.
  29. Yes and yes.
  30. No, you may only play Actions if you have an Action play which is generally during your turn before you attack. You can have as many battle cards as you want over 40 as long as you can reasonably manage them.
  31. Cards try to do as much as they can. You can play Unconventional Flying Object even if you don't have a Spaceship and it will only accomplish putting the Action into your scrap. There are a handful of Upgrades like Crushing Treads that are restricted to play on say "Put only on a Tank." – you can't play that card unless you have the specific kind of character to put it on. After you successfully put it on the right kind of character, the game won't check anymore if the upgrade is valid, so the character can flip to Bot mode, stop being a Tank, and the Upgrade will stay on.