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Inferno Breath

  1. No. If you can’t follow the instructions on the left side of the arrow on an Action, you can’t play the Action.
  2. If I have a Micromaster in Bot mode, and I use an action that taps it, such as Inferno Breath or Swap Missions, will tapping it with one of those actions let me activate the Micromaster's Tap ability? [Source: WotC]
    No. Those are mutually exclusive. Tap abilities on Micro Masters are costs for triggering their abilities, so other in-game actions do not allow you to use that ability.
  3. In this scenario, you actually could play Inferno Breath because you can tap your last character. When it comes time to attack, if you have no untapped characters, your turn would end. If your opponent also has no untapped character, you would untap all characters as usual and your opponent’s turn would begin. If you play the enigma and combine your characters into a Combiner, the Combiner begins untapped, so it would be the character that attacks.
  4. If you have no untapped characters when it’s time to attack, you simply skip the attack and your turn ends. In the scenario you described, all characters will untap and your opponent’s turn will begin.