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Battle Icon

  1. This set introduces a new battle icon: green! Here’s how it works. After a battle in which you
    flipped at least one card with a green battle icon, you may swap a card in your hand with one of
    the cards you flipped with a green battle icon. The card you swap from your hand will be
    scrapped at the end of the turn, along with all the other cards you played or flipped during the
  2. No. Only one card with a green battle icon per battle.
  3. The player whose turn it is goes first, then the other player.
  4. There’s a new battle icon on some battle cards in War for Cybertron: Siege I. It’s black! What
    does it mean? If you’re on the attack, hopefully good things for you.
    For each black battle icon you flip while attacking, your character gets pierce 1 until end of turn.
    Remember that pierce numbers add up, so flipping two black icons in an attack will give your
    attacker pierce 2, and so on.
  5. No. Black battle icons flipped on defense won’t give your character pierce. (And pierce
    doesn’t work on defense anyway.)
  6. No, only cards with green battle icons that you flipped during that battle can be retrieved after the battle.
  7. Does Inverted! supersede other effects that look at pips? Or can the order be chosen? For example, Inverted! with Thermal Weaponry, could a blue pip add to pierce before changing into an orange pip? [Source: WotC]
    Battle icon colors do not exist simultaneously. When Battle Icons are made to change colors, it happens instantaneously.
  8. Alpha Trion and Raider Cindersaur label actions by the colored battle icons. Can you explain what makes a card an Orange or Blue Card? Does that mean that they have to have at least one orange icon to be an orange card? If this is the case, then can Alpha Trion use his ability to play a Roll Out! because it has at least 1 blue icon? [Source: WotC]
    A “blue card” is a card with at least one blue battle icon, and so on for the other colors, so you would be able to play Roll Out with Alpha Trion’s ability.
  9. Say I, on my opponent's turn, have Infiltrate facedown and they play a secret action that has an orange icon (I, of course, don't know this). How does this interaction work, considering secret actions are considered actions? [Source: WotC]
    Infiltrate will never affect a Secret Action because as you’ve said, you can’t see its Battle Icons as it’s played.
  10. So on Spare Parts it says after each battle you may swap 1 card from your hand with one of your flipped green pip cards, is this just a printing of the base rule, or a card effect that lets you swap out a second green pip? [Source: WotC]
    That’s just reminder text for anyone who may have forgotten how the green battle icons work.
  11. Yes. You can get one green battle icon per battle.
  12. You can swap for a green battle icon card after each attack has finished. If there are multiple attacks in a turn, you can swap for one green battle icon card after each of those attacks, I.E. attack, swap, attack, swap, and so on.
  13. 1. At the end of the battle, you can swap one card in your hand for a green battle icon card you’ve flipped.
    2. It does not trigger Shockwave’s ability because you’re not scrapping a card from your hand. The flipped cards are being scrapped.
  14. The Battle Icons you flip are only effective for that individual battle. Attack and Defense increases will not carry over.
  15. If a character dies mid-attack whether it be to Electrified Spikes or something else, can either player still swap for green icons? [Source: Aequitas]
    As long as cards were flipped during battle, you can swap cards for green battle icon cards. If a character dies before battle cards are flipped, then you would not be able to swap for green battle icon cards.