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Optimus Maximus - Ultimate Defender

  1. Yes. You’ll get to plan and set up your flip. The ability happens just after Optimus Maximus is chosen as the attacker or as the defender.
  2. When Combiners combine can the keep an equipment that they normally couldn't equip? Example could Optimus Maximus keep a Power Sword from Ironhide even though he's a ranged character? [Source: WotC]
  3. The enigma cards mention a Combiner keeps an upgrade in each slot, but here's a weird scenario involving that: Say Prowl, Strategic Mastermind is upgraded with a Power Sword. Since he's a melee character, he can obviously take this upgrade. But could you keep that Power Sword on Optimus Maximus when he combines, even though he's a ranged character? [Source: WotC]
  4. In a previous round up you mentioned that if Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime was played on Optimus, then he was combined into Optimus Maximus, the Combiner could keep that weapon, however not if he was already formed. I’m assuming that also works with Laser Cutlass? Play onto an Aerialbot for example. Once combined, does it carry over? [Source: WotC]
  5. Since Ironhide and Optimus Prime are both components of Optimus Maximus in Wave 2, how do their unique weapons from Wave 1 interact with the Combiner? Will Optimus Maximus take damage from Static Laser of Ironhide? Can I play Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime on a combined Optimus Maximus? [Source: WotC]
    Optimus Maximus would take the damage from Static Laser of Ironhide, as he is not named Ironhide. You can keep Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime if you already had one upgraded to Optimus Prime - Gleaming Commander, but you could not put one onto Optimus Maximus.
  6. Since temporary effects applied to individual members of a Combiner team carry over to the Combined form for the turn, what happens if I have two active Sentinels, transform Wave 2 Ironhide in my KO area to give them Pierce 2, then play the Sentinel Enigma to combine them? Does Optimus Maximus then have Pierce 2 or Pierce 4? [Source: WotC]
    In this scenario, Optimus Maximus would have Pierce 4.