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Sidecar Artillery

  1. Greasestain is tapped in alt mode, and Rum-Maj is in bot mode with Sidecar Artillery in her weapon slot. I attack with Rum-Maj, adding her to Greasestain's station. Does the Sidecar Artillery trigger? [Source: Aequitas]
    No. The attack order with stations is to declare attacker, declare defender, take attacker station, take defender station, and only then to do attack triggers. Greasestain's station has increased Rum-Maj's attack to 4, missing the Sidecar Artillery trigger.
  2. This Stratagem primarily exists as a teaser for future new mechanics. The Vehicle descriptor does not currently grant any additional abilities beyond what is stated in the reminder text. When this is flipped, return a Sidecar Artillery from your scrap pile to your hand. This can only happen once per game.