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Cerebros - City Commander

  1. If I slap a Decepticon Head on Cerebros can I play a Scoundrel's Blaster on Fortress Maximus? His tiny Head stars count toward the total but we were told he has no effect on Fort Max when he starts the game...would his faction affect him while his ability doesn't? [Source: WotC]
    Card requirements are inclusive, not exclusive. However, in this case, Cerebros' Head is not active on the battlefield, so it doesn't contribute its faction identity or traits to the character. So, a Decepticon Head of Cerebros doesn't let you play a Scoundrel's Blaster on Fortress Maximus.
  2. The Grenade Launcher will be scrapped after battle. This is in contrast to Fusion Borer, which would stay on Cerebros after the attack. This is due to a change in language as the game evolved. Early on, WotC used language like "After the upgraded character attacks -> Scrap this card.". Later, they adjusted to "When the upgraded character attacks/defends -> Scrap this card after the battle.". This newer language ties the scrap to the more common "When battles" trigger and not to the rarely used "After battle" trigger". The same is true for other older cards like Evasive Maneuvers, Blast Shield, and Power Punch, vs newer cards like Emergency Barricade and Crystal of Power.
  3. Is Emissary required as the head for Cerebros - City Commander? [Source: Aequitas]
    No. You may use any 4 star or less Head mode character.