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Valuable Contract

  1. Yes. Your opponent is allowed to see the card and verify it has exactly 1 star.
  2. In that case, you’ll get to use both Bounty abilities in either order. You can’t use the character’s Bounty ability twice or Valuable Contract’s Bounty ability twice though.
  3. In bot mode, Optimus Prime, Dark Awakening gains the benefits of his faction Upgrade ability as long as the faction Upgrades on him aren’t Autobot or Quintesson.
    As of this (FAQ's) writing, these are all the faction Upgrades that Optimus Prime, Dark Awakening can utilize to buff your team.

    • Any Autobot Upgrade, though Noble’s Blaster also has a [G] pip



    • Black Mail (Wave BFA)

    • Dutch (Wave BFA)

    • Subcontractor Agreement (Wave BFA)

    • Valuable Contract


    • Any valid Quintesson Upgrade