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Multi-Missile Pod

  1. Although you can totally FIRE ALL THE MISSILES, you still do it one at a time. So first you scrap one that will do 1 damage. Then you scrap the second to do 2 damage. Finally you scrap the last one to do 3 damage. 6 damage total.
  2. Question regarding interaction between Backup Bag and weapons which can be scrapped during attack (e.g. Sturdy Javelin and Multi-Missile Pod). If I choose to scrap the weapon and it's saved by Backup Bag, can I choose to scrap it again during the same attack? [Source: WotC]
    No. It scraps as a result of a triggered ability, which does not trigger again. You would have to somehow attack a second time.
  3. This card will also allow you to play in multiples Weapons that can fit into a single Weapons slot, including Tentacle Upgrades and Multi-Missile Pod.