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  1. Hello.
  2. No. You always draw from your deck. Nothing happens to the card your opponent was going to draw. It just stays on top of their deck.
  3. Let’s say my opponent plays Pep Talk, an Action that says “Draw 2 cards.” What happens? [Source: WotC]
    Assuming they drew a card at the start of their turn, you would reveal Hijack. Then instead them drawing two cards, you’d draw two cards. Hijack’s effect lasts for the rest of the turn, so if they tried to draw more cards, you’d draw them again.
  4. Let's say, in theory, Lockdown has a 4 cards in hand, along with a Weapon, Armor, Utility, and one card underneath him. Lockdown flips to his alt mode, allowing him to draw 4 discard 4, but I reveal Hijack. Would I get to draw 4 while Lockdown's player has to pay the discard part of the effect or since he drew 0 cards he discards 0 cards? [Source: WotC]
    You draw the 4 cards. The Lockdown player would have to scrap 4 cards. That poor, sweet fool has been Hijacked.