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Specialist Flamewar - Special Ops - Hunter

  1. Since it sounds like (understandably) that a comprehensive rules document might take a while, perhaps you could answer a more specific timing question then. Taken to a corner case, how would a player properly process an attack in the following scenario. Your team: Specialist Flamewar in bot mode equipped with an Anticipation Engine in her weapon slot, a Metal Detector in her Utility slot. She has Focus 2 from her bot mode ability. Her teammate, Raider Aimless has a Decepticon Crown equipped in his Utility slot giving out Plan 1 when a Decepticon attacks. Her other teammate General Optimus Prime is in Alt Mode giving Bold 1 and Tough 1 to his teammates. What would be the proper sequence of triggers when Specialist Flamewar initiates an attack? Which goes first Plan, Focus, the Equipment Triggers? Which Equipment Triggers first? Can both trigger on the same combat if you have an equipment and an action (or vice versa) as your top 2 cards? [Source: WotC]
    When Specialist Flamewar attacks, the abilities of Anticipation Engine, Metal Detector, and Decepticon Crown will all trigger. As the attacking player, you will resolve all of those abilities in the order of your choosing, one at a time. Then you will use your Focus ability. Then, you will flip battle cards, including an extra from General Optimus’ Bold 1.