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Major Shockwave - Applied Sciences - Scientist

  1. Nope. You can just a glimpse at what’s coming up. You can’t move the card anywhere unless something else tells you to.
  2. Yes. Major Shockwave’s ability doesn’t give you an extra action or upgrade for the turn. It just lets you pretend the top card of your deck is in your hand when playing it.
  3. No. Major Shockwave’s ability applies only when you’re playing the card.
  4. Yes. You can keep playing the top card of your deck as long as it meets Major Shockwave’s conditions and you’re allowed to play the card (keeping in mind the normal one action/upgrade per turn rule).
  5. Nope!
  6. Major Shockwave’s ability doesn’t change when you can play any card. If you play an action from the top of your deck this way, that is your one action for that turn. If another effect allows you to play additional actions, you can keep playing them from the top of your deck, if applicable.
  7. No, you cannot play it on your opponent’s turn. If you play the top card of your deck, you use your normal action or upgrade for the turn. Major Shockwave just gives you access to one more card while doing so.
  8. If I play Incoming Transmission while I have Major Shockwave on the field, and I draw the two cards, am I able to look at the next card in the deck BEFORE I put a card on the top of my deck, or must I complete Incoming Transmission before looking? [Source: WotC]
    In this scenario, you may look at the next card in the deck before you put a card on the top of your deck.
  9. Yes, it does.
  10. My question is regarding the new Major Shockwave. In its ability when it states “Decepticon cards,” what does that mean exactly? I know certain cards like Decepticon Crown and Swindled have Decepticon-specific effects and have purple coloring in their titles. Are those the types of cards that could be used with new Shockwave’s ability? [Source: WotC]
  11. Say I have Major Shockwave with 2 LV Gamma-Disruptor Launchers, and I try to play a third copy onto him. Would the two already on him both scrap, or would only one? [Source: WotC]
    You would have to scrap only one of the two LV Gamma-Disruptos Launchers already on Major Shockwave.
  12. I have Major Shockwave in bot mode. The top card of my deck is the deception card, Swindled. If I play Multi-Mission gear onto a specialist, since the Swindled on top of my deck is able to be played as though it was in my hand, can I play it from the activation of Multi-Mission Gear? [Source: WotC]
    You may!
  13. The card you’re looking at while Focusing is still the top card of your deck. You must decide to scrap it or not. Only after deciding to scrap it are you allowed to look at the new top card of your deck.