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Captain Ironhide - Infantry - Bodyguard

  1. Yes. For example, if you play Photon Bomb, your Captain Ironhide will be damaged.
  2. Any of your opponent’s characters or battle cards (actions and upgrades) count. Basically, anything that you didn’t bring to the game.
  3. Yes. Moving damage counters isn’t the same as doing damage.
  4. No, because Captain Ironhide isn’t a Melee character. Any “Put on … only” restrictions will apply. However, because you’re not playing the Weapon from your hand, any restrictions that apply to playing that card won’t matter.
  5. You declare that Ironhide is attacking and what Ironhide is attacking. This causes his ability to trigger. If you swap weapons, you do so before Battle Cards are flipped and before damage is done. This means that the attack value of the original weapon won’t apply, but the new weapon will. However, if the original weapon also has a triggered ability that triggers when Ironhide attacks, that ability will still work, even if that weapon is swapped before you handle that ability.
  6. If I have Captain Ironhide in alt mode and my opponent has Decepticon Shockwave in bot mode and causes me to scrap a card. If I direct that damage to Captain Ironhide does his alt mode skill deny the damage? [Source: WotC]
    Are opponents’ cards considered battle cards and character cards as per Captain Ironhide’s skill wording?
    The answer to both questions is yes!
  7. You previously ruled that Captain Ironhide can't use his Bot Mode ability to swap his weapon for an Energon Axe if he is undamaged. Does this also extend to other Upgrade movement effects? Does this mean I can't use Quartermaster or Private Red Heat to move an Energon Axe in play from a damaged character to an undamaged one? [Source: WotC]
    That is correct. Energon Axe can only be put on damaged characters.