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Captain Elita-1 - Special Ops - Ranger

  1. Yes. For example, if Captain Elita-1 (with 17 health) already has 9 damage counters on her, you can’t move more than 7 more damage counters onto her using her ability.
  2. No. Any abilities that care about damage being done or repaired won’t affect the move.
  3. The card will stay in the scrap pile.
  4. No. You’ll lose the game just after she is KO’d, before you can use her ability.
  5. How does the new Captain Elita-1 interact with I Still Function!? If my opponent KO’s her during their turn, and I scrap I Still Function as one of the two cards from her trigger, is Elita-1 a valid target for the card? [Source: WotC]
    Elita-1 would be a valid target for I Still Function!, but she would still be KO’d at the end of the turn. She would trigger again.
  6. Almost immediately. At the end of that turn.