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Energy Pack

  1. No. A character always has the number of stars printed on it, no matter which mode it’s in.
  2. No, Crash Landing only triggers on your opponent's turn, so it would not trigger here.
  3. If you have Energy Pack on an 11-star character who is nearly dead, then attach Erratic Energy Grenade, removing Energy Pack, which KO’s your character automatically since their health bonus is no longer there, does Erratic Energy Grenade’s second effect still activate? [Source: WotC]
    Yes, Erratic Energy’s Grenade’s second effect would still activate in this scenario. Erratic Energy Grenade replaces Energy Pack without anything happening in between.
  4. Gaining +4 health has no effect on the amount of damage counters a character has. For example, if you had a character with 10 health and 3 damage counters, upgrading it with Energy Pack results in it having 14 health and 3 damage counters.