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Skywarp - Teleporting Seeker

  1. No. The “once per turn” applies to playing and flipping, not each individually.
  2. Yes. This could matter if Skywarp gets to attack later in the turn.
  3. Yes, Skywarp's bot mode ability would be triggered by a Secret Action as the battle icon color is hidden. It will still trigger if Leap of Faith plays a Secret Action because at the time you play the Secret Action, the Secret Action has no battle icons (it's not very secret).
  4. If I use I Still Function! to bring back Skywarp - Teleporting Seeker from the KO area, does his ability trigger (assuming he's on his bot mode)? [Source: WotC]
    No. The ability only functions on the battlefield. By the time he's returned to the battlefield, you've already played I Still Function.
  5. If Skywarp gets the +3 attack and defense until the end of turn bonus and then flips to his alt mode, he’ll keep that bonus for the entire turn. Any effect that lasts “until end of turn” or “this turn” lasts the entire turn, meaning your attacks are done and your opponent’s turn is about to begin.
  6. When Recon System is equipped on a character like Skywarp - Teleporting Seeker, will his ability still trigger if you scrap the only card with no icons, since you did actually flip the card, triggering Skywarp's ability? [Source: WotC]
  7. Yes.
  8. If I play Swarm! and flip a card with no battle icon, will Skywarp get +3/+3 in bot mode? [Source: Aequitas]