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Blurr - Fastest Bot in the Galaxy

  1. You choose, just as you would for any battle.
  2. No. The second attack starts right after the first one finishes.
  3. You do. Note that if there isn’t an untapped enemy, the ability doesn’t trigger and Blurr won’t untap.
  4. If I have a Grenade Launcher on Blurr, and I attack a tapped character, which will occur first: the second attack on an untapped character, or scrapping the Grenade Launcher? [Source: WotC]
    Grenade Launcher only lasts for one battle, so it would be scrapped before Blurr launches his second attack.
  5. Does Blurr’s ability combine with Mining Pick to allow you to plan 2 again on the attack of the untapped character to get +5? [Source: WotC]
  6. Blurr must attack an untapped character and thus is unable to attack a tapped character with brave. If your opponent also had an untapped character with brave, Blurr would have to attack that character.
  7. Blurr will untap and Blurr will attack one of the characters that has stealth.