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Slipstream - Strategic Seeker

  1. If either character is KO’d in the middle of an attack, the attack immediately ends. In that case, you
    won’t flip battle cards (and neither will your opponent).
  2. No. It means you must flip at least one of three different battle icons. For example, one orange, one
    blue, and one white battle icon.
  3. If I attack with Slipstream in alt mode with no damage, and my opponent has an Alpha Bravo in alt mode, is Slipstream able to fling the damage Alpha Bravo or does she miss her window to activate because she had no damage at the time the attack was declared? Also, if both characters had 1 health remaining, which effect would proc first? And would Alpha Bravo be able to resolve if Slipstream's ability KO's him? [Source: WotC]
    In the first scenario, Slipstream’s ability triggers first and doesn’t have any damage to move, then Alpha Bravo would deal 1 damage to Slipstream. In the second, both abilities will trigger, meaning Slipstream will move 1 damage to Alpha Bravo, KO’ing him. Then, Alpha Bravo’s ability damages Slipstream, bringing her health to 1.
  4. No. Slipstream’s ability will happen first. If triggered abilities controlled by both players would happen at the same time, the abilities of the player whose turn it is go first.
  5. Slipstream (alt mode) is attacking Skullsmasher (body mode). Does Slipstream pass a damage then take a damage, or does she take a damage and then pass a damage? [Source: Aequitas]
    Looking at the Expanded Rules, an attacker taps in, whereas an attacker's "when this attacks" trigger happens at Therefore Skullsmasher triggers first, doing a damage to Slipstream, and then Slipstream moves a damage to the defender.