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Ransack - Insecticon Commando

  1. In that case, nothing happens. No damage counters are put on Ransack.
  2. Yes. You choose any other character, damaged or not. Then move 2 damage counters from that
    character onto Ransack fi you can.
  3. Ransack’s ability sets his base attack value, what you’d see printed on the card if it didn’t change.
    From there, Actions and Upgrades can raise that value. For example, if Ransack has 5 damage counters,
    his base attack would be 5. If he then got a Weapon that gave him +2 attack, his attack would be 7. This
    wouldn’t change the number of damage counters on him.
  4. Yes, you can move damage from an opponent’s character onto Ransack, should you be so bold.
  5. My opponent has Wheeljack untapped and I have Skrapnel untapped. It's my turn and I flip Skrapnel to alt mode, then play I Still Function! to bring back Ransack in bot mode from the KO area. Then I attack with Ransack to Wheeljack, and after the flip of battle cards, Ransack is KO’d. Does Skrapnel’s ability trigger because of Ransack getting KO’d and make Wheeljack tap, letting me attack with Skrapnel? [Source: WotC]
    You can do either, but not both. If you want to tap a character using Skrapnel’s flip trigger, you must KO Ransack before he can attack. If you want to attack with Ransack, it will be too late to flip Skrapnel to utilize his flip trigger.