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Megatron - Living Weapon

  1. Yes. He can have a Weapon in his Weapon slot as well as Weapons in his Armor and/or Utility slots.
  2. No. As long as Megatron can hold all the Upgrades attached to him, you don’t have to specify which
    slot anything is in. For example, if Megatron has two Weapons and a Utility, and you play an Armor onto
    him, you can choose at that time which Weapon it will replace.
  3. Yes. The bot mode ability applies only to how the Weapons are put on Megatron.
  4. If I play Hunker Down while Megatron - Living Weapon has a weapon in his armor slot, do I have to replace the weapon with an armor from my scrap pile, or can I choose not to? [Source: WotC]
    If you are able to, you must replace the weapon with an armor.
  5. No. Full Loadout specifically says “A weapon, an armor, and a utility”. Megatron – Living Weapon only changes what can be put into his slots.
  6. In this scenario, if the other character you are choosing with Swap Parts does not have an ability or effect that allows them to hold multiple weapons, you will be able to bring the armor and a weapon of your choice to them. The remaining weapon will stay on Megatron.
  7. Can you also go into more depth about the rulings for Megatron - Living Weapon and Insecticon Skrapnel? I found it very confusing that MLW can swap a Weapon in his Armor Slot via Swap Parts and that Skrapnel treats Metroplex's 1 Damage to all Opponents as Attack Damage. [Source: WotC]
    The Skrapnel ruling has been corrected. The 1 damage to all opponents is not attack damage. The Megatron question is a little ambiguous. If you play Swap parts on a Megatron with a weapon in his armor slot, you can move it to another character and put it into their weapon slot. If Megatron had two weapons, you would have to choose which one the other character kept. If you are swapping a weapon from the other character to Megatron in bot mode, you can put it into any of his slots. If you are swapping a weapon and armor from another character to Megatron, Living Weapon in bot-mode, the legal assignments are (Weapon in the weapon slot, armor in the armor slot; Weapon in the utility slot, armor in the armor slot; weapon in the armor slot, armor also in the armor slot, then one of them gets scrapped).
  8. In bot mode, yes.
  9. How does Crystal of Power work with Megatron, Living Weapon? [Source: Aequitas]
    Crystal of Power is both a Weapon and an Armor, and per its reminder text, fills 2 slots on your character. The actual reminder text however is confusing when it comes to Megatron. It says "This occupies 1 Weapon slot and 1 Armor slot", which when compared to Megatron's ability to "be upgraded with a Weapon in his Armor and/or Utility slots" makes it sound as though Crystal of Power is overriding Megatron's ability. This is a good example that reminder text is not rules text. It is there to help someone inexperienced with the game rather than define how a card works. It is fine for Megatron, Living Weapon, to use his Utility slot to fulfill the Weapon condition of Crystal of Power. You couldn't however put the Crystal of Power in his one Armor slot, but if you had a Utility applied like Defensive Configuration, giving you an extra Armor slot, you could put the Crystal of Power in two Armor slots.