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Decepticon Shockwave - Cybertron Commander

  1. If I have Captain Ironhide in alt mode and my opponent has Decepticon Shockwave in bot mode and causes me to scrap a card. If I direct that damage to Captain Ironhide does his alt mode skill deny the damage? [Source: WotC]
    Are opponents’ cards considered battle cards and character cards as per Captain Ironhide’s skill wording?
    The answer to both questions is yes!
  2. 1 damage per card scrapped.
  3. I was playing with Bombshell - Decepticon Psy Ops with 5 health left, against Shockwave - Cybertron Commander. I scrapped 11 cards to KO him, but should his bot mode ability have triggered, killing me in the process? [Source: WotC]
    Shockwave's ability will trigger 11 times, but if those are the last two characters on the battlefield, your opponent will lose the game because Shockwave has been KO'd by Bombshell's ability, but Bombshell is not yet KO'd by Shockwave's ability.
  4. Green battle icons are a swap effect, not a scrap-from-your-hand effect.
  5. Let's say I have Shockwave in bot mode and when my opponent flips for an attack, they flip a card with a green icon (For this example, let's say Tech Research). They then swap a card from their hand to take said Tech Research. Would that swap count as scrapping the card, and therefore trigger Shockwave's ability? [Source: WotC]
    No. Green battle icons do not cause a “scrap”, they cause a “swap”, causing the card to go into the played area. It will be scrapped at the end of the turn with the other cards flipped during that battle.
  6. When my opponent plays Decepticon Shockwave and plays System Reboots to make me discard, say, 10 cards, if I have a Defensive Driving card attached to one of my characters, can I choose all 10 damage to be dealt to that character and make it all to zero since Shockwave ability reads as deal 1 damage to it? [Source: WotC]
    Yes, Shockwave’s ability triggers individually per card discarded, so each instance of 1 damage would be reduced to 0 because of Defensive Driving.
  7. I have 4 cards in my hand and my opponent has Decepticon Shockwave in Bot mode. If they play Brainstorm > System Reboot > System Reboot, do I take 4 damage after each System Reboot or 8 damage after Brainstorm is resolved? [Source: WotC]
    Shockwave’s ability will trigger a total of 8 times. Each of those abilities resolves separately, so essentially you have 8 damage counters to spread around as you wish.
  8. Using the previous scenario, my character is Nightbird in alt mode. What is the timing there? Does the Decepticon Shockwave player take 1 damage each time an action hits the play area or after the Brainstorm resolves?
    I.E. My Nightbird is at full HP (11) and his Shockwave is at 3. Who wins? [Source: WotC]
    Here's what happens. Your opponent starts to play Brainstorm, this causes Nightbird’s ability to trigger, but that effect doesn’t resolve immediately. Continuing to resolve Brainstorm, your opponent then plays System Reboot. Another Nightbird trigger happens, which, again, doesn’t resolve immediately. The System Reboot resolves, causing Shockwave to trigger four times. Continuing to resolve Brain Storm, your opponent then plays the second System Reboot. This causes another Nightbird trigger. The second System Reboot causes another four Shockwave triggers. Now that Brainstorm has resolved, we start resolving triggers, beginning with the ones that triggered most recently and working backwards. The four Shockwave triggers caused by the second System Reboot happen one at a time. Next, the Nightbird trigger caused by the second System Reboot happens. Next, the Shockwave triggers caused by the first System Reboot happens. Next, the Nightbird trigger caused by the first System Reboot happens. And finally, the Nightbird trigger caused by the Brain Storm happens. At any point, if resolving one of these triggers causes a player to KO their last character, that player loses the game. If Shockwave was at 3 and Nightbird was at 8 at the beginning of this sequence, Nightbird is going to lose.
  9. Does Defensive Driving completely negate Decepticon Shockwave - Cybertron Commander's bot mode ability? [Source: WotC]
    Yes, each damage is individual and not a lump sum so it will be reduced to zero.
  10. If I have Shockwave in play and my opponent has 2 characters with 1 damage left each (say Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend with 13 damage and Nemesis Prime with 15 damage) and I play System Reboot forcing them to discard 2 cards, can they choose to put both damage on Nemesis Prime or must they put 1 damage on each? [Source: WotC]
    Each card discarded creates a new instance of 1 damage, so they will be forced to put one damage on each.
  11. I have Decepticon Shockwave in bot mode (untapped), and start by playing Brainstorm, then play Disruption to have the opponent scrap a card in hand, then Security Checkpoint and to have the opponent scrap 2 more cards. So a total of 3 cards were scrapped by 2 action cards. Would the opponent take 1 damage for each action card played (that made them scrap cards) or take 3 damage since the opponent scrapped 3 cards total? [Source: WotC]
    The opponent would take 3 damage total.