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Chop Shop - Sneaky Insecticon

  1. You can choose a different Insecticon for each repair.
  2. Yes, but you’ll have to scrap the Weapon he originally had.
  3. No. That Upgrade wasn’t on Chop Shop when he attacked, so that ability won’t trigger.
  4. Yes. Chop Shop’s ability happens before you flip battle cards, so Upgrades that give Chop Shop Bold
    will work.
  5. No. Any ability that says what an Upgrade can be put on still apply, so you can’t sneak Upgrades onto
    Chop Shop that he can’t have.
  6. Please clarify the interaction between Thrust and Chop Shop under the following scenario:
    Chop Shop flips to bot-mode
    Equip a Grenade Launcher onto Thrust
    Chop Shop attacks
    Thrust and Chop Shop's abilities trigger at the same time, so order of resolution is up to the turn-player
    1) Resolve Thrust's ability and tap him to add 7 atk (base + Grenade Launcher) to Chop Shop
    2) Resolve Chop Shop's ability moving the Grenade Launcher from Thrust to Chop Shop
    Chop Shop's final attack is [BASE] + [GRENADE_LAUNCHER] + [THRUST_BASE] + [GRENADE_LAUNCHER]; 4 + 4 + 3 + 4 = 15
    Battle flips omitted
    Is this correct? [Source: WotC]
    You can choose to resolve Thrust and Chop Shop’s abilities in this order. You could also choose to resolve them in the other order, but that would probably not turn out as well for you, so maybe don’t.
  7. If Chop Shop in bot mode attacks and moves a Grenade Launcher from another character to him, those the Grenade Launcher sack itself? [Source: WotC]
  8. If Chop Shop in bot mode attacks, and moves a Bashing Shield from another character to him, does the effect of Bashing Shield activate? [Source: WotC]
  9. You would get the benefits of the upgrade immediately, with the exception of abilities that trigger from Chop Shop attacking, because that event would have already passed (i.e. Data Pad).
  10. No. You must be able to put said upgrades on Chop Shop legally.
  11. Yes.
  12. How does Vesatility interact with Toolbox? Would it effectively double the impact of Versatility, since each battle icon colour you flip is a separate instance, or does it just add 1 to the total being repaired? [Source: Aequitas]
    Toolbox only adds 1 to the total being repaired. The 'for each' in Versatility is looping to calculate the amount of repair that will be done, then the repair is applied as one event. Raider Ratbat works the same way.
    Wave 1's Chop Shop however works the other way. It has the repair inside the for each, allowing Toolbox to apply for each repaired damage.