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Matrix of Leadership

  1. Card requirements are inclusive, not exclusive. This character fulfills both the AUTOBOT and LEADER requirements on Matrix of Leadership, so you may play the card on the character and the 'While on a Leader" ability will function.
  2. Yes, you can put Matrix on either Wave 8 or Wave 9 Wreck-Gars as they are each both Autobot and Junkion. As with the Noble Blaster, an upgrade saying "Put on Autobots only" does not care if the character has other factions, just that it is an Autobot.
  3. Belligerence would turn this flip of normally [OU, (OUB)] to [OO, (OOB)], meaning that you only flipped 2 colors on defense--Orange and Black, regardless of your character’s tratis--and would thus get +2 DEF for that battle.
  4. While in bot mode, Rodimus only gets the bonus once, regardless of how many copies of Matrix of Leadership he is upgraded with.
  5. The Matrix of Leadership is taken from your deck before you draw your opening hand. Be sure to shuffle afterwards!