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Crushing Size

  1. No. If there is an enemy Utility, you must scrap it. You draw a card only if you can’t scrap an enemy Utility.
  2. Wheeljack is in car mode is equipped with the following:
    Multi-Tool, Turbo Boosters, and Scrapper Gauntlets.
    Bumblebee - Courageous Scout is tapped, in car mode, and equipped with the following:
    Drill Arms, Crushing Size, and Multi Mission Gear.
    For my action, I play Swap Parts between Wheeljack and Bumblebee. There are a LOT of abilities that fire off here and I'm curious to know, what would be the appropriate order? Most importantly, when does Wheeljack's ability take priority? [Source: WotC]
    These would all trigger at the same, so you would choose the order they happen in.