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  1. There are two parts to a Bounty ability: a trigger condition that tells you to “use this card’s Bounty ability” and the Bounty ability itself that gives you a reward. In this set, all the conditions are the same: when the character does enough attack damage to KO an enemy. The rewards are different on each card.
  2. Yes. The character can do more attack damage than is necessary to KO the enemy and you’ll still get the reward.
  3. Abilities are only active if that side is face-up. I.E. you must be in Bot Mode to use a Bot Mode ability.
  4. Revenge on Ratbat and Bounty on Deadlock both trigger upon Ratbat's KO, but which triggers first? [Source: WotC]
    Bounty abilities and Revenge abilities will usually trigger at the same time. Bounty abilities are usually handled first because they belong to the active player.