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Battle Master

  1. Battle Masters are characters that start in bot mode and can be played in their upgrade mode
    after they are KO’d. Battle Masters don’t have an alt mode and can’t flip while they are on the
    battlefield. There are both Autobot and Decepticon Battle Masters.
  2. The size of the card doesn’t change how they play. While in bot mode, Battle Masters are
    just like other characters. They can attack and be attacked, they can be damaged, they can be
    upgraded, and so on.
  3. They start on the battlefield in bot mode.
  4. It doesn’t flip. It just stays in bot mode. If the card has additional instructions, those are still
    followed if possible.
  5. If a Battle Master in bot mode is KO’d, you can immediately flip the card and play its other
  6. Yes. This may cause some abilities to trigger that normally don’t during your opponent’s turn.
  7. No. If you played an upgrade earlier in the turn, you can still play the Battle Master in its
    upgrade mode after it’s KO’d in bot mode.
    In some unusual situations, your Battle Master in bot mode is KO’d during your turn before you
    attack. Playing the upgrade mode in those situations doesn’t stop you from then playing an
    upgrade from your hand before you attack.
  8. If that happens, the card is put into your KO area with its upgrade mode face up. This can
    happen if the upgrade would be returned to your hand, returned to your deck, directly
    scrapped, or if the character that had it is KO’d.
  9. Battle Masters in your KO area will be in their upgrade mode, either because they were played and subsequently left the battlefield or because you didn’t play the upgrade after the character was KO’d. This means they won’t be characters in the KO area and won’t add to Private Sideswipe’s bonus.
  10. Sergeant Cog is a Weaponizer. That sounds awesome! What’s a Weaponizer? [Source: WotC]
    All the rules that apply to Battle Masters also apply to Weaponizers. Sergeant Cog represents more advanced weaponry. Sergeant Cog’s card is the same size as most characters.
  11. Battle Masters and Weaponizers are characters that start in bot mode and can be played in their Upgrade mode after they are KO’d. They don’t have alt modes and can’t flip while they are on the battlefield.
    In Siege 2 (Wave 4), there are two Weaponizers, each made up of two cards. They start assembled together in bot mode. When one of these Weaponizers is KO’d, it splits into two different Upgrades that you can then play. These Upgrades can be played on separate characters or onto the same character.
    After a Battle Master or Weaponizer Upgrade would leave the battlefield, it’s put into your KO area instead.
  12. No. When in Upgrade mode, Battle Masters do not count as characters, so they would not be counted by Emergency Maintenance on the battlefield or in the KO area.
  13. In the FAQ it says that Sergeant Cog, as a Weaponizer, interacts with cards in the same manner as a Battle Master. The battle card Quartermaster specifies recalling a KO'd Battle Master in weapon mode. Will this be able to target Heavy Force Defensebreaker Cannon in the KO pile the same way it would target a Battle Master? [Source: WotC]
    No, it is a Weaponizer and not a Battle Master.
  14. No, no, not applicable, not applicable, not applicable.
  15. Hard no.
  16. When KO’d, a Battle Master comes back as a weapon. Then once it gets destroyed, it goes into the KO area. My question is, can you flip it back to bot mode in the KO area after it falls off? [Source: WotC]
    No. You may only flip characters in the KO area using your normal once-per-turn flip.
  17. Yes, you must attach the Battle Master's Upgrade side. When you attach the Battle Master, you must scrap the older upgrade; in this case, EM24 IR Laser Launcher.
  18. If I were to have any Battle Master in upgrade form attached to a character ,and my opponent plays Raider Ion Storm's ability of "when this attacks return the defender's upgrade to its owner's hand," what happens to the Battle Masters? If they leave the battlefield, do they go to the KO area? [Source: WotC]
    Yes. They go to the KO area.
  19. I have a character with a weapon and Spare Parts. My opponent hits me with Disarm or Debilitating Crystal. Is the weapon returned to my hand or does Spare Parts get scrapped, or returned to my hand instead? [Source: WotC]
    Same scenario, but my weapon is a Battle Master/Weaponizer.
    In both scenarios, Spare Parts does not protect your weapon. A Battle Master or Weaponizer in weapon mode would go to KO rather than to your hand.
  20. If a Battle Master or Weaponizer is in the KO Pile, and the match runs to time and damage on all characters is assessed, should they count their damage for that total, or are they simply an upgrade with no damage on them? [Source: WotC]
    They are an upgrade with no damage on them.
    This FAQ item refers to a form of tie-breaker from November 2019 tournament rules prior to November 2019. It is no longer relevant.
  21. If I KO my opponent’s Battle Master and it has a Dismantling Claw on it, and it scraps my Dismantling Claw, I think my Dismantling Claw would therefore scrap the newly applied Battle Master due to he is now a weapon on my opponents bot. Is that correct? [Source: WotC]
    That is correct.
  22. No, you can’t flip a Battle Master while it’s on the battlefield.
  23. Regarding when Battle Masters go to the KO area when they're removed from the battlefield in upgrade mode: Do they switch to bot mode when they go there or do they stay in upgrade mode? And if they do stay in upgrade mode, how does this interact with Emergency Maintenance? [Source: WotC]
    They stay on their Upgrade side and it does not interact with Emergency Maintenance because upgrades are not counted as characters.
  24. So, when a Battle Master is KO'd, does it count as a KO since they are technically not sent to the KO pile? Or is the instance of "KO" simply contingent on reaching your HP total? [Source: WotC]
    It is a KO and they go to the KO Area, before flipping to its Upgrade side.
  25. Speaking of when a Battle Master is KO'd, it states that you "play" the Upgrade side. Does that mean that you are technically Upgrading a character triggering effects like Wheeljack's alt mode? Furthermore--and I think I know the answer to this question--does this "play" take up the Upgrade for a turn? [Source: WotC]
    Playing the Upgrade side of a Battle Master is just like playing an Upgrade from anywhere else. Wheeljack’s ability will trigger. As you probably know, this does not count as the one upgrade for your turn.
  26. No. Daring Escape only counts Autobot characters.
  27. Why is it you cannot increase a character’s attack with a reattached Battle Master during an attack, but you can increase Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend’s attack if you flip an action like Leap into Battle? How is this any different to using OPBL’s skill to play Quartermaster and attaching a battle masters upgrade form before defense flips? [Source: WotC]
    You can use Quartermaster to attach a KO’d Battle Master to OPBL. If OPBL’s ability results in a weapon being attached to him (for example via Quartermaster), the attack bonus of that weapon will apply because you haven’t counted attack yet. However, if the weapon gives the character bold, bold will have no affect because you’ve already flipped battle cards.
  28. Yes. If you have no characters in KO or the characters in your KO area have too many stars, you can use Involuntary Promotion to KO one of your characters.
  29. I have Wingspan in Bot Mode and a Battle Master upgrade on him. The upgrade is scrapped. What happens to the Battle Master? [Source: Aequitas]
    The Battle Master upgrade is put into the KO area, then Wingspan's trigger puts it under him and counts towards his alt mode ability. When Wingspan is KO'd, the card is placed into the KO area.
  30. Can I use Impetuous Stand on a Battle Master in upgrade form? [Source: Aequitas]
    No. Not unless that Battle Master is a 0-cost character.
  31. Similar to Battle Master, Tentacle is a new Upgrade Trait introduced in Wave BFA World|Strike.
  32. Post WotC: Alpha Trion Protocols
    If my
    Snapdragon KOs and enemy Battle Master, does his Bounty ability work so that I can choose to return that Battle Master to its owner’s hand/KO it from zone-changing? [Source: Alpha Trion Protocols Wave 3 FAQ]
    No, the game operates in all situations as attacking/active player’s abilities all happen, then defending/inactive player’s abilities all happen. Your Bounty trigger will resolve before your opponent’s Battle Master trigger will make them play it.
  33. If you use Arm the Lonely’s second effect to put a Battle Master onto Spinister, the +3 health it gives him will no longer apply. This can cause Spinister to be KO’d if he has enough damage on him.
  34. If you use Brothers In Armor’s second effect to put a Battle Master onto Crosshairs, the +3 health it gives him will no longer apply. This can cause Crosshairs to be KO’d if he has enough damage on him.
  35. If you have a Battle Master or Weaponizer in Upgrade mode in the KO area, this card’s effect allows you to play it.