Aequitas FAQ
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NOTE: This card is a part of a custom card set; it is not an official Wizards of the Coast TF:TCG card.

Snapdragon, Ruthless Combatant

  1. Yes, he only stops repair on other characters.
  2. The character brought back from their KO will stay fully repaired because no damage can be moved to it, but the Upgrades from the original character will move as normal.
  3. Both players scrap their whole hand. You draw 4 and scrap none; your opponent draws 4 and scraps 1 card because Snapdragon sees the act of drawing cards as one instance, regardless of number drawn.
  4. What happens if my Snapdragon is in Bot mode my Opponent plays a Pep Talk to draw 2 after they draw their first card of the turn, do they scrap 2 cards or 1? [Source: Alpha Trion Protocols]
    If your opponent has already drawn for turn, whether they draw 1 card with a card like Wedge Formation or 2 cards with a card like Pep Talk, they will only scrap 1 card from hand because of the “1 or more cards” clause.
  5. If my Snapdragon KOs and enemy Battle Master, does his Bounty ability work so that I can choose to return that Battle Master to its owner’s hand/KO it from zone-changing? [Source: Alpha Trion Protocols]
    No, the game operates in all situations as attacking/active player’s abilities all happen, then defending/inactive player’s abilities all happen. Your Bounty trigger will resolve before your opponent’s Battle Master trigger will make them play it.