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Whatever It Takes

  1. Your Battle deck may include 1 Star card and still be considered a Legal Deck. Examples include Mounted Missiles, Energized Field, Leap of Faith, etc.
  2. Yes, Alt and Bot Mode will gain the benefit of Tough 1.
  3. There are now 3 Star cards at the Common rarity for Junkion with the addition of ATP-2: Hands-Free Artillery, Bullseye Aegis, and Spotlights. Aerial Defense Armaments
    1. Does Aerial Defense Armaments still get its trigger if I don’t have Superion in play?
    The move 1 damage will trigger for placing it on an Aerialbot, you will not repair 1 damage, though.
  4. They are faction stamped icons for Aerialbots, therefore only when an Aerialbot is battling can you gain benefit from the Blue or White icon(s). It will still count as both colors for abilities that check if you flip a certain type or number of colors.